Davis Bio

With the loving support of my family, friends and colleagues, I proudly announce my candidacy for Durham School Board District 2. I'm excited about this campaign and the opportunity to work with you to make history. The children of the City & County of Durham are the most precious asset of this area. Their intellectual and emotional development within our public school system is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as a free civilization. I am running because I believe there is more that we can do to impact the lives of our children and to help them reach their fullest potential.
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The campaign is being led by several individuals one in particular as honorary Chair Leader Mrs. Evelyn Lovett. The treasurer is Mr. Keith Corbett. We have initiated our voter education and information campaign. As I talk to people about my candidacy, many offer support and encouragement. I need your support and involvement. A strong campaign needs a strong voice.
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Durham Public School children deserve Excellence and Equity in every school. To continue the Direction, Purpose and Stability of Durham Public Schools.

To ensure that, I have:

  • A vested interest and appreciation of Durham Public Schools
  • An effective collaborative approach to leadership
  • A strong belief in parental involvement
  • A commitment to curriculum alternatives (i. e, vocational education, supplemental educational services)
  • A history of community service and leadership
  • And, experience as an appointed board member and a four year elected Official from 2006 – 2010


Fredrick A. Davis Election Committee
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